Faith Field




Faith is a California native, a dog enthusiast and a big believer in doing business in a different kind of way. One of the first times Faith thought about venturing into real estate came while building homes in Tutwiler Mississippi with Habitat for Humanity. As she was helping frame out walls in the hot sun she realized that this “House” would become much more than just “Brick and Mortar”. A house is one of the most valuable investments a person will make in their lifetime. A house is a place where memories are made, families reside and friends gather. A house is what eventually becomes “home”. And a “home” is priceless.

Faith is passionate about helping each of her clients find “home”. Whether you are selling a house or trying to buy one, Faith takes pride in her role as Agent and is committed to making sure her clients are well taken care of. Faith values honesty, loyalty and hard work. She will guide you through the entire home buying and selling process and will always communicate clearly and in a timely manner.

Faith is happily married to Michael Field and together they live in Pasadena. She is in love with her community and counts friends and family to be one of life’s greatest blessings.