This year, I am beyond excited to participate in DRESSEMBER.  Nope, not a spelling error, I did not mean to say December, I meant DRESSEMBER. 

What is Dressember? I’m glad you asked! The short version is that Dressember is a foundation that collaborates with International Justice Mission, A21 and THOUSANDS of women all around the world to raise money to STOP human trafficking. 

The Longer version can be found here.

 It is exactly 11 minutes and 50 seconds and it will not disappoint.  So pleeeeeease, I’m begging you,  stop what you are doing and take the (aproxamently) 12 minutes to watch my friend Blythe talk about how she turned a silly idea into something that is LITERALLY changing the world.  You can help!  Before you start listing all the reasons why you can’t wear a dress every day this December……..let me interrupt your thoughts to let you know that there are two other BIG ways you can support and participate in this cause! 


Here they are:

1.     You can sponsor me and my team (The Gal Pals) by clicking this link: Save Millions of Humans. (Once you get there, click on Donate, and then put in your CC information).

2.     You can also give by choosing me to be your realtor and I will give a rather sizeable donation to Dressember once we close escrow. 


Last year Dressember raised 924K, this year we are going for 1.5 Million.  This is serious business!  We are literally impacting millions of lives.  Tis the season!